Ah Grimm. What the fuck.

  1. Yay for Hank for getting in on the little connection club!
  2. I feel bad for Rosalee and Monroe for dealing with this bullshit. I think this is the first time they interacted with Adalind.
  3. Speaking of Adalind, the last shot of her in the episode was cool on a visual side (freaking glass and her game face with that shot) and sad because I’m pretty sure that’s the second or third thing she truly loves.
  4. I can’t believe Victor gave his title like that. I wonder what words Wu omitted.
  5. Adalind is so fucking short when she’s next to the captain. It makes them adorable for some reason.

This episode has the highest body count this show ever got (that I know of).

Alistair…holy shit. I’m not sure if Sherlock’s reaction is suppose to be our reaction since we found out about it around the same time or roughly the same time. 

The case itself was…well, I didn’t know what was anthrax until this episode. Thank god Joan was able to identify it! And I was right about the killer! Granted, that was after two tries. 




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Grimm had so much plot it was unhealthy.

  1. So a Grimm is know by their black (?) eyes? Good to know. It’s nice to see that after three seasons they only explain it now.
  2. Adalind is getting too. Too nice in my opinion. I think her baby is her morality chain or something that keeps her from doing evil.
  3. I can’t wait for Hank to find out Adalind is back! This way everyone can get in on the ‘why the fuck is everyone is connection’ club.
  4. It’s so nice to see Aunt Marie again!
  5. Theory: The demon baby is connect to the key/treasure/thing that was talked about in season one and two.
  6. I been trying to figure out who’s the father. Who’s the daddy?

Forgot to make my two cents on the episode.

First, I could have sworn Ms. Hudson was suppose to appear in this episode. Maybe I’m mistaking it for another episode. Well, at least she got mention. Second, I’m so glad that Ms. Hudson made stuff for Clyde! Clyde can now be a shark and a dinosaur! Third, I kind of want to see Sherlock sing Frozen songs. Fourth, I’m so glad Joan got rid of her bangs in ‘05.

As for case itself, I will never look at dentures the same way again. Also, it’s nice to see Joan’s flashback when she was a surgeon. I do hope they go more into detail in that. 


i made a transparent hat so we don’t have to lose it when april 1st is over
hats for everyone
hats forever


i made a transparent hat so we don’t have to lose it when april 1st is over

hats for everyone

hats forever

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It’s a carnival episode! This should be fun!

It’s fucking not.

  2. Adalind proves that she has a fucking heart for five seconds since she didn’t want to leave no one behind.
  3. Monroe/Rosalee OTP man!
  4. I hope Max get help.
  5. Trailers always lie (so the plane shit is the next episode).

What the hell Grimm?

  1. NO SEBASTIAN NO! I can’t blame the guy for giving up the ‘location’ since he look like he nearly died. I hope people don’t give him too much of a hard time.
  2. Yay for Juliet and Wu friendship! 
  3. Yay for Wu getting out! I hope he does find out eventually.
  4. I’m pretty sure Cut throat bitch aka Amber from House was the professor.
  5. Does Nick and the Gang know that Adalind is with child?
  6. Better yet, does Adalind know Nick’s mom kill her mother?

I’m trying to figure out when is the next hiatus.

I’m so glad that Sherlock and Bell are friends again (I think for real this time)! Yay for them for ditching for party! 

Yay for Joan and Bell for being buds! They should have more friendship scenes! I’m still trying to figure out the paint shaker thing.

As for case itself, that’s mess up. Those people should died like that. Also, nice shout out to the canon.